Whether you are installing tile in your residence or for a commercial project, M&M supplies a wide assortment of colors and choices including Granite, Marble, Travertine, Porcelain, Slate, Limestone, Onyx, Ceramic, Quartzite, and Sandstone. Popular MSI flooring tile sizes include 12x12, 12x24, 16x16, 16x24, 18x18, 8x16, & 8x8 (check each color for particular size availability). Our flooring tile collections are also available in unique shapes and patterns.


Versatile and elegant, porcelain floor tiles are an innovative product that is gaining popularity among homeowners, builders, and interior designers. Created from super-fine porcelain clay and fired at a higher temperature than ordinary ceramic tile, porcelain tiles are dense and tough and made for today's demanding applications both indoors and out. Available in glazed and unglazed, high-gloss and refined or textured to resemble natural stone.

Wood Looks

Instill the natural warmth and timeless style of wood in any place, indoors or out, with wood-look porcelain tile planks. High-definition printing technologies create water-resistant, durable and easy-to-clean tiles that look exactly like hard wod, complete with picture-perfect graining and color, but with virtually no maintenance. MSI offers wood-look porcelain planks for every budget.

Stone Look

Everyone wants the look of natural stone, but not everyone is willing to put forth the effort required to maintain a natural surface. Get all of the style with virtually none of the maintenance by using MSI’s popular stone-look porcelain and ceramic tiles. We have created series that emulate the world’s most popular stones, including travertine, slate, quartzite and onyx. Every piece has just the right amount of color, shade variation and sheen.

Graphic Patterns



Marble tile flooring sets a perfect statement in any entryway or floor space within your home or a commercial space. Marble has a reputation of being one of the most luxurious home design materials and its attractive veining and color options can truly make it stand out in any room.


Marble polished to a glossy finish brings out the full color and character of the marble. Ideal for countertops and accent walls, but not recommended for commercial floors or exterior projects.


Marble with a honed finish is satin smooth, but does not have any gloss to it. This more subtle finish is attractive to many, as it allows the beauty of the marble to come through, without a high-gloss reflection. A honed finish is suitable for interior projects, including floors in commercial properties.


Natural marble given a tumbled finish has an aged look and texture, with rounded edges and corners. To achieve this, the marble is tumbled in a rotating drum with water, sand, and other stones. Once complete, tumbled marble tiles are suitable for walls and floors, both indoors and out.


Brushed finish marble features a textured finish that is created by the brushing of the stone with soft wire brushes. This finish has a beautiful antiqued and weathered look that is classic and timeless. Brushed marble tiles are suitable for wall and floor applications, for both interior and exterior projects.



Marble tile floors add timeless elegance to any room. When cared for properly, they can last well beyond your lifetime. Here is how to best care for your marble tile floors.

  1. Dust Mop. Removing the grit and dirt from your floor on a regular basis is key to protect it. Use a soft natural dust mop, not one with pads that are treated with chemicals, to remove the dirt of the day. Be sure to clean the dust mop after every use so as to not reapply the dirt the next time.
  2. Use Mats and Rugs. In high traffic areas and at entry points, use area rugs or runners, and wipe your feet before entry. This helps to keep small rocks and other debris from scratching your beautiful marble tile floors. Make sure the rug has a non-skid backing for safety. 
  3. Vacuum Cleaner Warnings. If you want to use a vacuum cleaner on your marble floor, be sure to use only brush attachments, not plastic or metal attachments. It is recommended to never use an upright vacuum on a marble floor as the wheels and other pieces can damage the finish. 
  4. Blot up Spills Quickly. Spills are inevitable, and not a disaster, as long as they are blotted up quickly. Do not wipe the spill, as it will spread the liquid to other areas. Once blotted, flush the area with a solution of a mild dish soap and water. Wipe clean to remove solution, and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.



  • Dust mop floors frequently with a soft cloth. Wash the cloth after each use.
  • Clean surfaces with mild pH neutral dish soap or specially formulated marble cleaner
  • Thoroughly rinse and dry the surface with clean, clear water after washing
  • Blot up spills immediately, never wipe
  • Protect floor surfaces with non-slip mats or area rugs


  • Use vinegar, lemon juice, or other cleaners containing acids or harsh chemicals
  • Use commercially available bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners or tub & tile cleaners on marble surfaces.
  • Mix bleach and ammonia; this combination creates a toxic and lethal gas
  • Never mix chemicals together unless directions specifically instruct you to do so
  • Use metal or plastic vacuum cleaner attachments, and be mindful of the wheels on the vacuum.
  • If they are worn or rough, they may damage the surface.