Marble polished to a glossy finish brings out the full color and character of the marble. Ideal for countertops and accent walls, but not recommended for commercial floors or exterior projects.


Marble with a honed finish is satin smooth, but does not have any gloss to it. This more subtle finish is attractive to many, as it allows the beauty of the marble to come through, without a high-gloss reflection. A honed finish is suitable for interior projects, including floors in commercial properties.


Natural marble given a tumbled finish has an aged look and texture, with rounded edges and corners. To achieve this, the marble is tumbled in a rotating drum with water, sand, and other stones. Once complete, tumbled marble tiles are suitable for walls and floors, both indoors and out.


Brushed finish marble features a textured finish that is created by the brushing of the stone with soft wire brushes. This finish has a beautiful antiqued and weathered look that is classic and timeless. Brushed marble tiles are suitable for wall and floor applications, for both interior and exterior projects.